Base LlamaNodes User Guide

Using Chrome Environment with MetaMask Wallet as an example:

1. In MetaMask wallet, add/switch to Base LlamaNodes. ( To add a network: click and add it directly in the chainlist or in MetaMask, select add network manually and enter the network information to finish adding)

Network name: Base LlamaNodes


Chain ID: 8453

Currency symbol: ETH

Block explorer URL:

2. Log in to Dmail, Free Mint and NFT Binding: open , use MetaMask wallet and select Base LlamaNodes login.

On the left navigation bar, find "Presale" and you will see that Dmail has given you the authority to free mint an 8-11 digit NFT domain.

In the domain search bar, select the desired domain name (only supports numbers and letters, case-insensitive), and proceed to the payment page. On the payment page, click the "Confirm" button to pay the GAS . This will complete the Free Mint process.

After completion, the system will automatically redirect you to the order page, where Dmail will mint the NFT on-chain for you. Click the "View NFT" button or go to "Settings" in the top right corner and access the Account page to see the NFT domain you just acquired. Click the "Bind" button to complete the NFT domain binding.

3. Send Emails and Earn Points: After successfully binding the NFT, click the "Compose" button on the left navigation bar to send an email. Fill in the recipient, subject, and content. Make sure your network is set to "Base LlamaNodes" and then click "Send". The system will prompt your wallet to process the transaction since Dmail is a decentralized email platform, requiring you to pay the GAS fee.

Once the payment is completed, the system will encrypt and send the email to the recipient. You can view your completed tasks and earned points in the "Points & Plans" section. Points can be used to upgrade your NFT domain or utilized for AI assistant services. More opportunities to explore with points will be available in the future.

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