Linea User Guide

Linea User Guide Using Chrome Environment with MetaMask Wallet as an Example:

1. Configuring MetaMask Wallet for Linea Mainnet:

Open your MetaMask wallet, Add or switch to Linea Mainnet.

  • To add the network directly from the chainlist: [] and enter the network information.

  • To manually add the network in MetaMask:

    • Select "Add Network Manually."

    • Enter the following network details:

      • Network Name: Linea Mainnet

      • New RPC URL:

      • Chain ID: 59144

      • Currency Symbol: ETH

2. Logging in to Dmail, Free Mint, and NFT Binding:

  • On the left navigation bar, locate "Presale."

  • Dmail grants you the authority to free mint an 8-11 digit NFT domain.

  • In the domain search bar, select your desired domain name (supports numbers and letters, case-insensitive).

  • Proceed to the payment page.

  • Click the "Confirm" button to pay the GAS fee, completing the Free Mint process.

  • Once done, the system will automatically redirect you to the order page.

  • Dmail will mint the NFT on-chain for you.

  • Click the "View NFT" button or go to "Settings" in the top right corner to access the Account page and view your acquired NFT domain.

  • Click the "Bind" button to finalize the NFT domain binding.

3. Sending Emails and Earning Points:

  • After successfully binding the NFT, click the "Compose" button on the left navigation bar to create an email.

  • Fill in the recipient, subject, and content of the email.

  • Ensure your network is set to "Linea Mainnet," and then click "Send."

  • The system will prompt your wallet to process the transaction due to Dmail's decentralized nature, requiring GAS fee payment.

  • Once the payment is complete, the system will encrypt and send the email to the recipient.

  • Check your completed tasks and earned points in the "Points & Plans" section.

  • Use earned points to upgrade your NFT domain or access AI assistant services.

  • Stay tuned for more opportunities to explore using points in the future.

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