How to Earn and Import Points

Earn points by completing tasks

For example, sending an email via the zkSync network:

  • After logging into Dmail, find the task in Points&Plans and click the “Compose” button.

  • On the email composition page, fill in the recipient's address, subject, and content. Then, click the bottom right corner to switch the network to zkSync and click the “Send” button. In the wallet popup that appears, pay the GAS. Once the email is sent, the task will automatically be completed.

  • In Points&Plans, you can see that the button status has changed. You can also check the details of your points in My Points.

Different levels have a points reward multiplier. The higher the level, the more points you earn for completing tasks.

Import points into your NFT Domain to increase its level

  • Click the "Import to NFT" button.

  • The popup will display your currently bound NFT Domain, its points, and level. In the input box, enter the number of points you want to import into this NFT and click the Import button.

  • Wait for the points to be written into the NFT's on-chain attributes to complete the import. The system will automatically adjust your account level based on the points of the NFT.

Check out the different levels of benefits:

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