Subscriber Management


Display a comprehensive list of subscriber information. Dmail leverages AI technology to collect, analyze, and categorize wallet addresses of subscribed users. This process creates user-profiles and establishes a tagging system based on various dimensions, including on-chain assets, transaction records, and transaction frequency. Additionally, developers have the flexibility to customize the management of subscribed addresses, segment tags, and groups according to different criteria. This customization enables precise and targeted message delivery based on tags or groupings.

  • Invitation Link: This subscription invitation link can be shared on platforms like Twitter, communities, and other locations where users are engaged. Users can access your profile and subscribe via this link. You can also integrate it into your website's subscription portal, allowing users to subscribe directly without the need for email registration.

  • Subscriber List: This section displays subscriber registration times, wallet addresses, networks, tags, assets, and more. In addition to the default tags provided by SubHub, you have the option to create custom subtags, groups, star designations, blacklists, and removal lists, among other actions.

  • Tag Management: The system automatically scans user wallet addresses to generate subtags based on your customized criteria and intelligent recommendations. You also have the ability to manually create tags and configure user groupings accordingly.

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