NFT Domains

NFT Domains, introduced by Dmail Network, represent a novel approach to decentralized identity domains. Users have the opportunity to personalize their domain names through a presale available at (, enabling them to use these domains as unique email addresses.

Constructed on the blockchain, NFT Domains are not just identifiers but also digital assets enriched with features like points and numerical values. Each NFT Domain is a transferable and tradable asset on the blockchain, fully owned and controlled by its user.

The value and initial points of an NFT Domain vary based on the number of digits it contains. Domains with fewer digits are inherently scarcer, resulting in a limited number of possible combinations and consequently a higher value. This scarcity factor allows users to select NFT Domains that align with their preferences and budget, offering a blend of personalization and exclusivity in the digital domain space.

Number of DigitsPriceInitial Points

4 digit

199.99 USD


5 digit

79.99 USD


6 digit

29.99 USD


7 digit

9.99 USD


8-11 digit

5.49 USD


12+ digit



Simultaneously, the NFT Domain supports the import of points earned. Users can acquire points by completing specified tasks ( and import these points into their NFT Domain. This process is automated by the contract, updating the point values to enhance the value of the NFT Domain and elevate the account level, thereby allowing users to enjoy more advanced benefits.

The account level in Dmail is determined by the points value of the NFT Domain currently in use. The higher the points, the higher the corresponding account level and the greater the benefits. For more details, please refer to:

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