How to Set up Your Project on the Subscription Hub

We're delighted to introduce our latest product, the Dmail Subscription Hub. This product was specially designed for projects to seamlessly connect with their web3 audience.

Learn about the benefits of the Subscription Hub here:

Here, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of how to use the entire product. The whole process is easy and does not require any form of integration. If you follow the outlined steps it will only take a matter of minutes to get set up!

  • Next, check your email for the verification code and enter it in the designated area.

  • Since we are currently in the beta testing phase, you'll need to enter an invitation code. You can obtain this code by contacting the Dmail team.

  • Fill in your project information and complete the registration process.

  • Link your wallet account and choose a Dmail domain account with 4-18 characters.

After registration, you can adjust your registration information and add your project links on the settings page. Please note that you can also customize the categories and links you want to add.

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