Settings Management

The account and entitlement management homepage allows developers to edit and manage project information, facilitating information aggregation and the creation of digital enterprise profiles. It also provides the flexibility to dynamically adjust account levels and entitlements based on usage needs, aiming to maximize operational conversion results.

Additionally, it offers the capability to set up multiple sub-administrators with varying permissions to enable collaborative work and manage the SubHub platform effectively.

Furthermore, upcoming features will include configuring validated NFT or OAT credential contracts with associated point rewards, setting daily tasks, and implementing threshold reminders, among other functionalities.

Here's a breakdown of the sections on the page:

  • Profile: This section includes project details such as the name, logo, type, and description.

  • Email Address: Here, you can input the NFT Domain and Wallet Address (MetaMask).

  • Official Links: Provide links to your official website, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, and any custom social media profiles.

  • Announcements and Articles: Highlight important information, announcements, and lengthy articles.

  • Highlights: Showcase significant milestones or your project's roadmap.

  • Team Members: Present core team members with their names, avatars, and positions.

  • Events: Display ongoing task activities to encourage subscriber participation.

  • Permission Management: Set up sub-administrators within your team and configure distinct permissions for each.

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