Dmail Network

Stay Informed and Connected with Intelligent and Secure Messaging!

The Dmail Network is an advanced, AI-enhanced decentralized communication platform designed to deliver encrypted email services, unified notification systems, and tailored marketing solutions. It seamlessly spans multiple blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps), catering to the needs of users, developers, marketers, and influencers in the Web3 space.

Dmail Messaging Protocol

The Dmail Messaging Protocol, a specialized communication system developed by the Dmail team, is anchored in the Web3 identity framework. It is currently integrated with 18 different networks, including Web2, enabling applications and smart contracts to engage in secure communication through emails and notifications. This protocol is pivotal in bridging the communication gap within the Web3 infrastructure.

Leveraging Dmail Network's capability to handle various Web3 identities, such as DIDs, NFT Domains, Wallet addresses, and Email addresses, the Dmail Messaging Protocol allows seamless communication across smart contracts, dApps, and applications via emails and messages.

Diverse Offerings Based on the Dmail Messaging Protocol:

  • Dmail DApp: A decentralized email solution self-hosted by users and spread across multiple blockchains. Utilizing end-to-end encryption and decentralized storage ensures anonymous and secure P2P communication. This service empowers users with ownership and profit rights over their data. It supports a range of functionalities including cross-chain and cross-dApp email exchange, subscriptions, notifications, and asset transfers, using wallet addresses, NFT domains, DIDs, and Web2 email accounts. Dmail DApp is expanding the horizons of data and asset interaction in the Web2/3 realms, fostering new opportunities in the decentralized space.

  • Subscription Hub: An innovative platform designed for developers and influencers to collect information, dispatch marketing notifications, and offer sophisticated operational services. Composed of four key components — corporate digital business cards, subscriber profiles, Messaging Push, and task points — it enables the sending of tailored messages and marketing alerts to subscribers using wallet addresses and DIDs. It also integrates various Web3 task platform credentials into a cohesive loyalty program, effectively narrowing the gap between Web3 developers and users and enhancing their connectivity.

  • Marketing Hub: Marketing Hub is a targeted marketing platform where users get paid for viewing ads. Aimed at marketers, it offers detailed address profiling and email marketing tools, creating a two-way communication channel between markets and users. Leveraging AI to analyze wallet addresses and develop profiles and tags, it enables marketers to target only those users who align with their product's positioning, thereby optimizing marketing efficiency. Users, in turn, can customize their preferences to control the reception of advertisements, earning rewards while minimizing disruptions and maintaining control over their data and earnings.

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