Points Rewards Program

What is Dmail Points?

With the advancement of Dmail product development, more and more new features will be presented to users. In order to allow users to better experience the Web3-level mailbox service, encourage users to explore the Dmail platform more deeply, and also to further activate the Dmail ecosystem, we decided to launch a reward point program to open up access to the Web3 world for more users. Experience the journey.

Why launch Dmail Points?

After the beta site was launched, we have seen the support and confidence of the community and users in Dmail. As a fledgling Web3 mailbox service solution, we hope more and more users will use Dmail to understand Web3 and decentralized application more deeply and active Dmail community ecology. And the points program is a reward and benefit program for all users who participate in Dmail platform and community building!

Through the form of points reward, we hope to motivate users to explore and use Dmail more, experience the extraordinary features of Web3 mailbox, and let more people understand and use Web3 mailbox.Dmail points are not official tokens, but they can allow users to upgrade their rights and interests, experience various high-grade functions on the platform, become the user credentials and marks for various official airdrop activities in the future, and even It can be the basis of future Dmail DAO development!

How to earn and use Dmail Points?

pageHow to Earn and Import Points

In the future, as the features of Dmail mailbox are gradually expanded, the scope for users to obtain point rewards will not be limited to the basic tasks mentioned above, and the number of point rewards obtained through higher levels/new features may be even greater. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Copy digital assets when sending emails

  • Login and send emails using Dmail's Plugin

  • Complete a top-up to Dmail wallet

  • Complete a transfer via Dmail Wallet

  • Trading through NFT Market

  • Download Dmail APP side

  • Use distributed cloud storage

  • Subscribe to message notifications, etc.

  • Sending emails using DID (.eth/.bnb etc.)

Detailed rules about Dmail Points

  1. Dmail points are obtained by users who meet the standards after completing the task. The system will automatically distribute them to the user's PID.

  2. Users need to login to DMAIL and successfully bind NFT before they can participate in earning points.

  3. Points can be used for deduction or exchange in Dmail's value-added services.

  4. Users can import points into the bound NFT points attributes. After the import, Dmail will match the current NFT mailbox level according to the accumulated points value of the NFT, so that the user will obtain the corresponding level benefits.

  5. After the points are imported, they will be written into the on-chain properties of the NFT, and the import cannot be cancelled.

  6. The points in the NFT attribute will persist. When the NFT is transferred or sold, it is bound to the new PID, and Dmail will also match the new PID level according to the NFT's points.

  7. The tasks will be updated continuously. If the task with the invitation code is not completed due to the improper operation of the invited user, it will be regarded as the task failure, and Dmail will not reset for you.

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