Sending Emails

  • Click on "Compose" to enter the email composition page.

  • Choosing Sender Address: In the "From" dropdown list, you can choose different account identities as the sender's address for sending emails.

  • Recipient Address: Enter the email address. To avoid spam, Dmail uses a dual address verification mechanism. When the recipient's address is a Default Address or NFT Domain Account, you need to fill in the recipient's PID in the expanded address bar for matching verification. Addresses that have sent/received emails will be automatically added to the address book, allowing you to quickly select addresses from your contact list as the recipient's address.

  • Subject and Content: Fill in the subject and content of your email. You can use rich text editing features to format your email content, add images, attachments, etc. Currently, Dmail supports attachments up to 3MB.

  • Email Assistant: Dmail provides an email assistant based on CHAT GPT4.0, which you can use to quickly write/reply to email content. This process may consume some Dmail points.

  • Sending Network: Click the network icon at the bottom right. You can send emails using any network supported by your current login wallet. Different networks consume different GAS, and Dmail also rewards users who use special networks to send emails with some points.

  • Click the "Send" button to complete sending the email.

  • Earn Dmail Points by Completing Email Sending Tasks.

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