Plans & Points


In the Dmail DApp, account tiers are categorized based on the NFT domain name actively bound by the user, as well as the value of points imported into the system. Each account tier aligns with distinct privileges and services. Higher-tier accounts access more substantial benefits and superior services.

Features of Account Tiers:

  • Varied Privileges: Each tier within the Dmail DApp signifies a unique set of privileges. These include daily email sending limits, encrypted storage space, and enhanced coefficients for task completion. Higher tiers equate to an increased array of privileges.

  • Points-Driven Tiers: The tier of an account is defined by the point attributes of the NFT Domain in use. This means the point attributes of the NFT Domain play a crucial role in determining the user's tier. Since NFT Domains vary in their point attributes, users can influence their Dmail DApp tier through their choice of NFT Domain.

  • Tailored Experiences: The tier system in Dmail provides a tailored and diverse service experience. Users have the flexibility to select NFT Domains of varying tiers to match their personal needs and preferences, enabling them to explore a range of exclusive services and permissions.

Levels and Privileges:

Methods to Elevate Account Tiers:

  1. Purchase and bind NFT domain names with lower digit counts or higher value for use.

  2. Complete specified tasks to earn points, and import these points into the NFT domain name currently in use and bound to the account.


Points serve as a testament and reward for user engagement and contributions within the Dmail DApp. Users can accrue points through various activities like inviting friends, sending emails, and holding 3D NFTs, in what is termed the "MailToEarn" model.

In Dmail DApp, points have multifaceted value and applications:

  • Boosting Account Level: Users can elevate their email account tier by importing points into the NFT Domain they are actively using. This process transforms points from mere numerical symbols into tools for enhancing service privileges and entitlements.

  • Priority Access to Enhanced Services: Some of Dmail DApp’s features, such as the AI Mail Assistant, require points for access. Point holders are thus privileged to explore new functionalities and premium versions first, motivating them to engage more actively in network activities to accumulate points.

  • Proof of Loyalty: Points symbolize a user's level of contribution within the Dmail DApp, mirroring their dedication and interaction with the network. They are also crucial for potential future rewards from Dmail. Actively participating in network activities and accruing points may lead to more chances of receiving additional rewards and airdrops.

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