Point Management

SubHub incorporates an innovative point system designed for developers. It allows developers to custom create their own exclusive point system and supports the validation of NFTs and OATs from various task platforms like Galxe, QuestN, and more.

Developers can customize the verification criteria and contracts and reward real users with points when they meet the conditions. Additionally, developers can label or group validators of the same credential for precise management and operation of subscribers.

In the SubHub management dashboard, developers can easily see each participant's contribution value measured in points, enabling precise management, push notifications, rewards, and more.

The aggregated point system is a key indicator of user engagement and loyalty. Subscribers can view the tasks and rewards you've posted on your homepage or in the Dmail DApp task section. When a task is completed, SubHub automatically awards points, and it provides you with statistics and analysis tools for that task. This not only boosts subscriber retention and engagement but also serves as a vital tool for bidirectional flow and conversion between developers' Sub Hub and task platforms.

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