Message Push

The message push feature built on the Dmail Messaging Protocol possesses the same level of information security and robust identity resolution capabilities as the Dmail DApp. It is used by developers to send personalized and targeted notification messages to subscribed users' wallet addresses or any associated decentralized identities (DIDs). Message Push supports various differentiated sending methods, including peer-to-peer, all, by tags, and by groups. After messages are sent, developers can monitor multidimensional data analytics such as delivery rate, read rate, and the number of new readers. This helps developers achieve precision in their operations.

Furthermore, you can use the customer ID and private key provided by Dmail to customize conditions and content through an SDK and directly call the Dmail Messaging Protocol to send messages. For example, you can monitor custom ENS domain names that are about to expire (within 30 days) and automatically send renewal reminders to improve user experience, retention, and conversion to paid services.

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