Subscription Hub

Subscription Hub: A Cutting-Edge Platform for Developers and Influencers.

  • Overview: Subscription Hub is an innovative platform tailored for developers and influential personalities, offering a comprehensive suite of services including information aggregation, targeted marketing notifications, and sophisticated operational tools.

  • Core Components: The platform is structured around four primary modules: corporate digital business cards, subscriber profiling, Messaging Push, and a task-based points system. It empowers users to send personalized messages and marketing notifications to subscribers using wallet addresses and DIDs. Additionally, it integrates credentials from various Web3 task platforms (like NFTs or OATs) into a cohesive loyalty program, bridging the communication gap between Web3 developers and users.

Developer and Partner Integration

  • Rapid Setup for Web3 Enterprises: Developers can swiftly create Web3 digital business cards, utilizing user profile segmentation for targeted communications. This feature is particularly useful for sending essential updates or customized alerts to subscribers.

  • Extensive Participation: Over 100 developers and partners from diverse sectors such as DIDs, Wallets, GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi Protocols, and Infrastructures are actively engaged with the Subscription Hub. They leverage the SubHub messaging service for enhanced interaction with their audience. For detailed project setup instructions, visit the guide at:

Advanced User Profile Management

  • AI-Driven Segmentation: Utilizing AI, Dmail efficiently segments user profiles, focusing on pushing messages to significant addresses. It involves analyzing wallet addresses of SubHub subscribers to create a comprehensive tag system based on blockchain assets, transaction histories, and trading frequencies.

  • Customizable Management: Developers have the flexibility to personalize their approach to subscribed addresses, creating a targeted push strategy based on various tags and groups.

Messaging Push Module

  • Secure and Effective Communication: Equipped with the Dmail Messaging Protocol, this module provides secure and effective identity resolution, allowing developers to send tailored notifications to wallet addresses or DIDs.

  • Diverse Sending Options: Supports multiple sending methods, including point-to-point, group, and tag-based distributions, with the ability to monitor key metrics such as engagement and reader demographics.

Task Point System

  • Activity and Loyalty Tracking: This system serves as a benchmark for user engagement and loyalty, enabling developers to design bespoke point systems. It supports the validation of NFT & OAT credentials from various task platforms.

  • Customized Rewards and Segmentation: Developers can tailor the validation process for specific credentials and contracts, rewarding genuine users accordingly. This approach also includes tagging or grouping validators of the same credential, allowing for nuanced subscriber management.

Corporate Digital Business Card

  • Effortless Creation and Broad Reach: Create your digital business card easily and quickly, providing users with a unified link to access all relevant information, including subscriptions, social media, updates, campaigns, and bulletins, thus enhancing user engagement and brand visibility.

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