Subscription & Notification

The Subscription Center is an all-encompassing hub for tailored subscriptions and notifications, where users can curate their feed based on individual interests and preferences. This could range from subscribing to Binance’s coin listing announcements to updates from popular influencers or UniSwap notifications. The system ensures users receive prompt updates on any changes to their subscriptions and offers various channels for notification delivery, including browser pop-ups, Web2 emails, Telegram, and Discord. This setup guarantees that users stay informed and never miss out on any vital information.

Currently, the Subscription Center boasts participation from over 100 developers and partners across diverse sectors such as DIDs, Wallets, GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi Protocols, and Infrastructures, all leveraging the SubHub messaging service. More details are available at This service is instrumental in forging connections between users and developers, removing barriers in Web3 communication and providing a secure platform for P2P communication. Users are always in the loop with real-time updates and exclusive insights and are rewarded for staying informed.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Subscription Center: Showcases a variety of dApps registered with the Subscription Hub. Users can explore each project’s profile, which includes subscription counts, descriptions, social media links, announcements, and events. With over 100 dApps listed, users can subscribe according to their preferences and stay updated with the latest notifications. Dmail’s Marketing Team rigorously audits these dApps for authenticity, granting verified ones a certification mark and prioritizing their visibility.

  • Subscribed List: Manage and view your subscriptions and notification history in this section. Users have the flexibility to unsubscribe from topics they no longer find relevant.

  • Inbox-Subscription: The central location for all subscription-related messages. When updates occur in subscribed dApps or topics, users find their notifications here, including announcements and marketing messages. Unread messages are prominently indicated, and users are prompted to review them upon login. Rewards are available for reading certain messages, and favorites can be saved for easy future access.

  • Verify OAT or NFT: Integrates with multiple task platforms like Galxe, QuestN, TaskON, etc., offering validation and rewards for holding NFT and OAT credentials, contributing to a cohesive loyalty program.

  • Multi-Channel Notifications: Users can select their preferred channels, such as wallet addresses, emails, Telegram, Discord, or browser pop-ups, to receive timely notifications and ensure no important update is missed.

  • Get Paid to Read: A unique feature where users are incentivized to receive advertisements, with token rewards offered for making their inboxes available to advertisers. Users can customize their preferences for receiving such content.

  • Multi-dimensional Monitoring: A sophisticated Tracking Bot collects data and messages from diverse on-chain and off-chain sources. This includes monitoring contract interactions, asset transfers, smart money movements, token price fluctuations, new token listings, influencer updates, and airdrop events. Users receive immediate notifications of changes in their subscribed content, with customizable thresholds to filter only essential information.

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