Content Management

Developers can edit and publish information, announcements, and articles just like on social media. SubHub provides a variety of templates and tools for this purpose. Once the content is ready, you can use the Message Push feature to send it to all or specific subscribers, ensuring instant delivery and one-to-one reach. For important information, you can also display it on the project's homepage for users to access at any time.

  • Create: Generate new articles with a versatile text editor that supports formatting options like tables, images, and links. You can save drafts of unfinished content for later editing.

  • Publish: Share your edited articles or announcements on the homepage, configuring features like header images and summaries. Manage published articles, including sorting and viewing relevant operational data.

  • Push: Send completed notifications to all subscribers or those with specific labels to ensure that your target audience doesn't miss important information.

  • Delete: Remove outdated or unwanted notifications and content from the list.

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