Email Addresses

Leveraging the Dmail Messaging Protocol's versatile identity resolution system, Dmail DApp enables users to utilize multiple account types as email addresses for both sending and receiving. This functionality offers users a wide and flexible range of choices, allowing them to select the address format that best suits their needs for anonymous and secure communication. Dmail DApp thus stands as a flexible and open communication platform, enhancing users' ability to manage their identities and communications effectively.

  • Wallet Address Integration Dmail DApp currently supports logins and usage for wallet addresses from 18 different chains, enabling users to set their wallet address as their default email address. For example, Ethereum-based addresses can be formatted as 0xff*****

  • NFT Domain Addresses Dmail Network's NFT Domains are decentralized identity domains. Users can acquire these through the Dmail Network's platform ( An example of such an address could be

  • Decentralized Identities (DIDs) The advent of the Web3 era introduces the concept of Decentralized Identity (DID), a significant innovation in data sovereignty and digital reputation. This technology represents a paradigm shift, empowering users with control over their digital identity. Dmail DApp supports the use of over 20 different DIDs as Web3 email addresses, including popular ones like ENS, SPACE ID, and Unstoppable Domains. Examples include ENS: dmail.eth and SPACE ID: subhub.bnb.

  • Web2 Email Address Compatibility In addition to catering to the privacy and anonymity needs of Web3 communication, Dmail DApp maintains compatibility with traditional Web2 email services. This feature enables communication across Web3 and Web2 platforms, for instance, using addresses like or

  • Enterprise Mailboxes Dmail is set to introduce enterprise mailboxes tailored for public chains and dApps, complete with custom domain names. These mailboxes will facilitate the sending and receiving of encrypted messages, exemplified by formats like Starkent: 0x69*** or SPACE ID: 0xff*****

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