Dmail DApp

Dmail DApp is a user self-hosted decentralized email solution based on multi-chain deployment.

This service uses end-to-end encryption algorithms and decentralized storage technologies to enable anonymous and secure P2P communication, ensuring that users retain ownership and profit rights of their data. It supports cross-chain and cross-dApps email sending and receiving based on wallet addresses, DIDs, Web2 email accounts, and other features such as subscriptions & notifications and cross-chain asset transfer. This expands the boundaries of information and asset interaction for users in the Web2/3 world, exploring more possibilities in the decentralized world.

As a decentralized email solution, the Dmail DApp not only has comprehensive email functions but has also made a leap in functionality for the Web3 world.

  • Secure Anonymous Email: Using end-to-end encryption, smart contracts, cross-chain relays, ZK (Zero Knowledge Proofs), and decentralized storage, Dmail DApp ensures the security and privacy of information and asset interactions. No one, including the Dmail team, can view the data, ensuring users have control and profit rights over their data. It also enables cross-network information interaction with Web3/Web2 email addresses (such as Gmail, ProtonMail, etc.).

  • Subscription & Notification: The Subscription Center is a one-stop subscription and notification center where users can subscribe to projects or topics based on their needs and preferences. They receive automatic alerts when there are changes in their subscriptions and can set up multiple channels to receive notifications, including browser pop-ups, Web2 emails, Telegram, and Discord, ensuring timely receipt of important messages.

  • Multi-Account Identity System: Based on the parsing capabilities of the Web3 diversified identity system, Dmail DApp supports using DIDs, NFT Domains, Wallet Addresses, and Email Addresses as email communication addresses. It currently supports 16 networks and over 20 mainstream DID domains, providing users with a wide and flexible range of address formats for anonymous and secure communication. Dmail has implemented a unified account system, where logging in from any channel corresponds to a single ID. Each email account under an account is claimed as an NFT, which is transferable and tradable, and has on-chain credit attributes.

  • Loyalty Program: We firmly believe that the long-term development of Dmail cannot be separated from the support and participation of community users. Therefore, we have introduced a task point system aimed at promoting user activity. Users earn points by completing specific tasks. These points represent the user's contribution or loyalty and can be used to upgrade account levels, use the AI Mail Assistant, expand storage space, and receive airdrops, among other benefits. In the future, we will continue to provide more rights and rewards to point holders.

  • AI Smart Mail Assistant: While editing and replying to emails, users can employ the AI MAIL Assistant integrated with GPT-4. This assistant can intelligently edit multilingual email templates based on user requirements and automatically and quickly reply to received emails in context. Currently, 10 free uses are offered by default, with subsequent uses costing 10 Points each.

  • DaaS (DID-as-a-Service): Allows users to set their owned DID domains as Web3 email addresses and send cross-chain encrypted information between Dmail and other DIDs. It currently supports the binding and use of over 20 DID domains, including ENS, SPACE ID, Unstoppable Domains, etc. DaaS not only overcomes the barriers between different DID domains but also adds scenarios for information transfer. Users or groups with similar interests can use DIDs to communicate and share information.

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